“Employees valued the immediate reward for the completion of tasks. 53 percent of employees either attended a health screening or a completed their health assessment (from less than 5 percent in 2010)”

Vanessa Cullerton
Senior Manager of Employee Wellness
The Hillshire Brands Company

Wellness Innovation for Key Industry Players:

  • HR Executives, Managers, Directors

  • Wellness Managers

  • C-Suites

  • Corporate Wellness Providers

  • Fitness and Nutrition Professionals

  • Self- Funded Employer Groups

  • Agents, Brokers, Consultants

  • Health & Wellness Stakeholders 

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Creating Successful Wellness Incentives:
An Inside Job

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Investment in Health
The Affordable Care Act now creates incentives-up to 30 percent tied to an employee’s total premium cost—for employers who establish more opportunities to support a healthier workplace. Uncover the numbers attached to these savings and anticipated reduction in healthcare costs over time.

Engine Behind the Wheel
Rewards are the engine driving maximum employee engagement. Identify the critical areas that incentives increase participation; including preventive care, chronic condition management and lifestyle changes.

Small Reward, Big Impact
Employers who offer small rewards for individual wellness achievements do so by means of cash or gift cards. Incentives are proven to help employees get off on the right foot and motivate consistency for greater savings. Employees that demonstrate active participation, with visible results, are eligible to receive lower premiums when specific wellness tasks are completed.

The Corporate Health & Wellness Association and GiftCard Partners just released the industry’s most comprehensive white paper on wellness incentives in the workplace. HR & Insurance Leaders can now access an in-depth view on the companies developing not only attractive wellness programs, but creative incentives to engage employees to participate in them.

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